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Therapist and Patient

What to expect

Psychotherapy experiences vary greatly, depending on the particular problems the client brings and the personality of both the client and the therapist.  There are different approaches that can be used to address problems.  Psychotherapy requires an active effort on your part.  To be successful, you will have to work on things we talk about both during our sessions and at home.  Psychotherapy has both benefits and risks.  Therapy often leads to a reduction in distress, better relationships, and resolutions of specific problems.  Risks can include experiencing uncomfortable feelings such as sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger and frustration, loneliness, and helplessness.  Psychotherapy often requires discussing unpleasant aspects of your life.  During the first few sessions we will focus on an evaluation of your needs and a discussion of some initial treatment goals.  You should evaluate this information along with your own assessment about whether you feel comfortable working with me.  At any time during the therapy process you should feel free to raise any questions or concerns that may arise and you may, of course, discontinue treatment and/or ask for referrals.

2 convenient locations:

5820 Main Street​

Williamsville, NY 14221

229 Main Street

Hamburg, NY 14075

As well as Telehealth

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Therapy Office

Handling Emergencies and Back up

In the event of an emergency situation that cannot wait until your regularly scheduled appointment, I can usually be reached at the office number.  Your call will be answered by office staff and then directed to me.  If you indicate that it is an emergency, the office staff will notify me, and I will return your call as soon as possible.  If it is not an emergency, I will, of course, return your call as soon as possible during the business day. If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency outside of normal business hours, you may contact me on my personal cell phone at (716) 713-1940. Occasionally it is not possible to reach me immediately.  If you are unable to reach me during a crisis, you should contact your primary care physician or call one of the following community psychiatric services:

Crisis Services (716) 834-3131
Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at ECMC (716) 898-3465

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